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Zamzar is an online conversion web application that gives you the power to improve manages multimedia and text documentation, and prepares them for make use of on all your devices and local applications. The interface Zamzar was made especially intuitive and easy to use. To start converting, all you need to do is upload a file from your hard drive or provide a web link to that file, and choose what format you want to convert it to. Want. Zamzar will obtain care of the rest, and send you an email through links to your recently converted files. Convert different files online! It supports the most popular video formats (AVI, 3GP, MP4, etc.), image formats (BMP, JPG, PNG, etc.), audio formats (MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, etc.), documentation (DOC, XLS, PDF). , Etc.) and compression (zip, RAR, 7Z, etc.). Zamzar will definitely meet all your conversion needs directly from your browser!


Zamzar is one of the most capable online converting tools, helping anyone with full access to fully experienced internet users who are able to convert more than 1200 types of files, making them unaffordable for the service. Belief is a feat that is 100% free. Available for use no matter where you are or what advanced internet computing device you are using. Just load the category homepage, download your file, select a target format, enter your email address, and start the conversion process. And don't be afraid that Zamzar will not be able to recognize your file, because in the last count it can be used in almost every format, Codec or standard generic or even professional internet user in their daily life or work. This includes all from video formats, music formats, image formats, text formats, eBooks, compressed archives, CAD documents. All of these files can be converted to any auxiliary format, even some very rare combinations such as countless document formats to any image format. Users can also use the service to download files from online hosting websites, although support for downloading YouTube video files was stopped in the summer of 2012 for legal reasons. Convert different files online!

In addition to making changes to the homepage of this site, users also have the ability to change files via email. Attach a file of your choice directly to the email message and send it to the email address @, the main address of which is your conversion target format (all supported, pdf, post, txt ;).


Category High-speed download for all users

We are excited to announce the launch of high-speed downloads for all emerald users. If you sign up, you can now download converted files from Zamzar 5 times more than before.

Drag and drop your files!

We've upgraded our upload device so that you can at this time drag and drop multiple files into the major window as an alternative of choose them individually - this is especially handy if you have a lot of files to convert at once. 

Select multiple files

You can use the file pick tool if you want, but we've also upgraded it, so you can select multiple files there (using on Mac, or shift to Windows).

Fast conversions

We've also improved our conversion process used for you to exchange - when you upload multiple records, we start converting as soon as each folder is uploaded (like other files in the background Are loaded). We notify you of the status of these conversions in the Development column of the Status window.

Replace files via email

We're really excited to announce a brand new feature that lets you convert files via email. Instead of using Zamar's website to convert files, you can send files from your email account to: (such as,

Stream changed videos and audio to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod

We're excited to create known that you can at this time use Zamzar to stream changed video and audio records to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

So if you get stuck in a hole with a weird shape, you need to look outside and you can just change it to "Zamzar" shape so that you can flow immediately.

Convert to CAD formats - dwg, dxf to pdf, jpg, gif and much more

We're pleased to announce that you can now use Zimmer to switch around two popular CAD (computer-aided designs) - DWG and DXF - both used in Autodesk’s highly successful AutoCAD program ۔

Converting these files can be useful if you need to share with friends or colleagues who do not have AutoCAD installed - Zamzar now allows you to convert to the following formats.

  • bmp - Windows bitmap
  • gif - Enable graphics exchange
  • jpg - Image according to jpg
  • PDF - PostScript Document
  • png - Portable network graphic
  • Conflict - Tagged image file format

Pro and cons 


Free to use - If your files do not exceed 100MB in size, changing them will be absolutely free for you.

Ease of use - This app does not require any complicated software installation and yet it provides a simple and straightforward user interface that new users will not struggle to get around.

Video Downloader - Considering that it accepts URLs as an input format, downloading videos from sites like YouTube is completely possible without the need for a video downloader program.


No batch change - unless you are a registered user, this is not a feature you will enjoy as a free user.

File Limit - The 100MB size limit makes it impossible to undergo some conversions, such as videos that may exceed the size limit, forcing the file to be split into smaller sizes that can accommodate more space. It is tedious and time consuming.


Is Zamzar still free?

Zamzar offers a free service and paid-for services. For paid services, the "Subscription Fee" means a recurring monthly fee that is paid in advance by you in connection with the provision of services, and through Zamzar you are also subject to different notices from time to time. 

Does Zimmer keep your files?

If you have an account with Zamzar, we will retain your personal information as long as your account is active or you will need to provide the services you request (our Terms of Service) According to).

Final verdict

Zamzar is a huge online file conversion service that anyone can easily use for free, making it incredibly fast to convert their files directly from their browser to the target format of their choice. And the smooth way can be made.