Doom: Eternal



This is Doom Eternal, the idea of ultimate power, and the most modern installment in one of the oldest first-person shooter franchises of gaming. Doom has a simple setup and always does. You are a man against hell - slaughtering monsters with weapons of mass destruction and, if necessary, you are on your bare fists. I grew up playing torment and torment ii: hell on earth. They have a special place in my heart. So please believe me when I say that doom: The franchise has produced the best game ever. Doom Eternal is about eternal speed. 

If Doom Guy stops moving, he will die. Thankfully, it's designed to keep the game going. Doom Eternal guy is agile. He can jump, hit the wind, grab walls, and swing from different poles. Surfaces are like a jungle gym, with opportunities for Doom Guy to take to the field or escape quickly.


The game (because we always get to see the gameplay, even though the show obviously can't afford good computer animation) seems to be ridiculed for violent video games, full landing, and close-range execution. ۔ 20, played by some 20 actors, the young manhandles his faulty controller, which suggests that the game is surprisingly complex or dumb like a teenage rock.

When you play Doom Eternal (and you should play Doom Eternal), you'll see a space marine running and jumping into the bloodthirsty torturers, as you shoot, burn, freeze, and burst into chains. Do and usually see mangling monsters. Sometimes you need a keyboard to open a locked door. Most of the time, you need to hit something harder than what you hit in the back room.

Where this story left Doom (2016) says: The devils have left the earth behind. You are either a god or a literal army of gods on the path to becoming a killer of gods. Your quest to kill the three spacecraft will take you from the aforementioned Satan-infested Earth to a haunted Mars and back, where you will find your space base, the Castle of Doom, across space station and a medieval fortress. I fall into a ditch somewhere in the swimming pool. Near the moon) I can tell.

The torment is similar to the perpetual torment (2016) but with more scope and clear intent. Doom Eternal (2016) kept repeating the project with his developer, ID, like a person in the desert, before finally finding the real water. Doom (2016) felt like a game that happened in spite of itself. Doom Eternal, on the other hand, feels purposeful, as each member of the team strives for one goal: to turn the magic of the Death Metal album into a video game. Guys, they did it.


Maximum slayer threat level

Access state-of-the-art demon-killing techniques with Dom Slayer's state-of-the-art praetor suit, including a shoulder blade and a retractable wrist-driven dome blade. Upgraded guns, methods, and capabilities make you more versatile than ever.

The impure trinity

You cannot kill demons when you die, and you cannot live without resources. Get what you need from your enemies: the Glory Killer for extra health, the Inflammation of the Armor, and the Gunners of the Chains.

A new class of (destructive) devils

Gather more demons than ever before, each with individual attacks and abilities. Fans' choice returns, while a whole new group of demons joins the roster. Separate your favorite devils from the core through Doom. Eternal's "Destroying Monsters" system.


A new 2 vs. 1 multiplayer experience built beginning the ground up and about in ID software. Fully armed Doom Eternal de Slayer competes against two-player-controlled monsters, fighting in the best five rounds of first-person fierce fighting.

Never Seen Before In The World

In space, in hell, and with the monsters fighting from all sides when you fight to save humanity. When you discover an epic level, use the environment to get your enemies the upper hand and hand rain crafts.

Pro and cons 


  • The gameplay of a well-run shooting is instantly familiar
  • Different types of enemies use different strategies and types of weapons
  • Sounds amazing
  • Separating the devils is still fun
  • Soundtrack ass kick
  • Picking up from the dead makes many white nickel escape moments


  • Whenever he shows up, Marauder single-handedly destroys the entire flow of the game
  • Struggling when you are forced to slow down
  • The story is overly serious and confusing
  • Platforming can be frustrating

System requirement

  • OS: Win 7 64
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz 
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 through 4GB
  • VRAM: 4GB
  • System memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Storage: 50 GB hard drive space
  • DirectX 11 compatible graphics card


Is Doom eternal worth buying?

Doom Eternal is obviously worth playing. When I first played it I fell in love with it so much that I beat it 2 more times since then. I tried different ways to change the gameplay, but this game is amazing.

Should I buy Doom or Doom eternal?

If you just want to get the best, I would say you have made an eternal choice: better gameplay, more levels, harder, more developed story, and so on. But check out 2016 when you get the chance: Eternal is a direct improvement, but still a lot of fun. No one is playing the game of torment for this story.

Is Doom eternal the last Doom game?

The story of Doom Slayer will end when ID Software and Bethesda Software will release the second expansion for Doom Eaton, Ancient Gods - Part Two, on March 18. Doom (2016), we bet a lot on earth with this story, “Martin told Polygon.


How to install

  • Download the complete Doom. Eternal-CODEX through torrent.
  • Install the game on your computer, wait for 100% installation.
  • Copy all the files from the folder (Codex) in the game folder
  • Lock Game Folder in Windows Firewall.
  • Doom Eternal Play!

Final verdict

Is it possible to go back to hell forever, or is it just putting yourself in hell? As much as I complained and criticized in the gameplay section, I still recommend this Doom Eternal game. It's a fun game that has some issues, but each one can get you one way or the other. Health and gunpowder depression is frustrating and I want to see it pointed out, but you can always reduce the difficulty or adjust the gameplay. I don't think helping around avoiding a loss experience is as much fun as hopping around dealing with a loss experience, but it does get you through really difficult parts. 

And as you become more powerful with more ammunition and health potential, it doesn't feel like the necessary marauder is a painkiller and I certainly hope it creates some balance, but again, You can develop a number of ways to handle this, including running away in some cases.