Wondershare Filmora9 is a simple-to-use video editing program on or after Wondershare. Filmora9 has a straightforward and easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to quickly edit and share your videos. This is a great program for YouTube, content creators, and other social media teams. It's even more cost-effective and you can buy a lifetime subscription if you prefer a monthly subscription!

Filmora9 review

In this review, we are going to cover all these things to know about Wondershare Filmora9. We're looking at screen recordings, editing and cropping clips, LUTs and color grading, and more. Filmora9 reviews can help users crop, increase/decrease video size, or keep them all fit at a particular time. The "Tilt-Shift" option can be created to blur parts of the video so that anyone can focus on a particular item. Audio and video can be adjusted by rotation or flip. 


It's easy to get started in Filmora9. Instead of creating a new synthesis, you can just import some footage and the program will recognize the size of the clip. Either choose to match the size of your footage, or set your project to certain dimensions, such as 1920 x 1080p HD. Filmora9 recognizes most file formats, including .mov .mp4 .mpg and many more. See the full list here. You can easily cut clips by clicking on the scissors icon and then selecting where you want to cut your clips. Then, once your clip is selected, you can easily adjust the color grade and the area specifically. Best of all, it's very easy to add LUTs to your footage in Filmora9.

Just select your clip and then click on the 'Advanced Color Tuning' icon. It looks similar to a sack that encloses through a drawstring. Once it opens, select the All Presets dropdown, and select 3D LUT. Then just click on the + box which is called Load LUT and you can import any 3D LUTs! Try our free Cinematic LUTs pack or the latest free movie tone LUTs for your next edit. You can easily create compelling pieces, whether it's straight sewing clips or creating complex video content. In addition, the latest version of Filmora9, Filmora X, runs the platform's pre-loaded toolset with smart editing features that streamline the video editing process. 

It is also equipped with a range of advanced editing tools. For example, with its framing feature, you can add custom animations that match the layout and enhance the overall aesthetics of the piece. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of filters, overlays, visual elements, transitions, and sound effects, all of which can be customized to allow you to create without limits. It also has a motion-tracking feature that zones a particular person or object, as well as action cam editing tools to help you trim and merge video footage. 

Meanwhile, the software's video stabilization work can fix shaky clips. It lets you pan and zoom your subjects for additional drama subjects. In this way, sporty and travel-based materials can be produced with greater stability and style.


  • Up to 100 audio and video tracks: Configure your own project and layer media for green-screen effects, image to image, or blending.
  • Extended audio features: Fix your sound perfectly with audio framing, background noise removal, and an audio equation
  • Endless Video Effects: Filmora9 will continue to offer advanced video effects, including Effective Element, animated titles, royalty-free music, and transitions.
  • Import and export information and reports to and beginning the program
  • Access software remotely via mobile devices
  • Create professional-looking videos using filters, special effects, and clipping shots together
  • Add custom logos and colors to the interface
  • Coordinate marketing efforts across channels (marketing pages, social media, etc.)
  • Market event through social media tools
  • Ensuring the creation, updating, monitoring accuracy, and brand consistency of all written content distributed to stakeholders.
  • The creation, development, sharing, and storage of potentially innovative ideas
  • Edit text as needed
  • Assemble applications and processes by dragging and sorting pre-built components

What’s new?

  • Additional interesting and moving effects, filters, and transitions change the level of work.
  • Improved speed, in addition, facilitates the import and export of media.
  • Get free of volatile images.
  • Experience the smooth interface.
  • Improved working with Mac or PC.
  • Improved view forms.

Pro and cons 


  • High-quality effects and transitions
  • Very advanced pricing options


  • Lots of extra downloads required
  • Some interface customization options
  • Some options are hidden from view

System Requirements:

  • 1GHz or higher processor speed.
  • At least 256 MB RAM.
  • 2 GB free hard disk space.
  • Windows 7, 8, with 10 by 64 bit.


Is Filmora free?

Filmora has full-featured editing tools and built-in effects and templates are completely free to use, but the exported video will have a watermark. If you would like to remove the watermark from the video, you require subscribing.

How much does Filmora9 cost?

Filmora9 pricing plans and payment options

So Windows starts differently; Lifetime license to you. 59.99 will return. For an annual subscription, you have two options: The basic version of 39.99 / year that you get is exactly what you get in a lifetime license.

How much is Filmora9 in a month?

Filmora9 (Windows), individual projects: Annual cost -. 39.99 / year ¿Lifetime Plan -. 69.99 / onetime payment?

How do I get Filmora9 for free?

Yes, you can access Filmora9 free downloads using the special "free trial" download file. By the way, you can work with this version as much as you want and there are practically no restrictions.

How to install

  • Download Wondershare Filmora9 for free and unzip the file. (Download here)
  • Turn off Windows Defender or any other antivirus in your system.
  • Turn off your internet before installing software. (Very important)
  • Run "Setup File"
  • After installation
  • Now, copy all four files.
  • Open "C" Drive >> Program File >> Wondershare >> Filmora9 >> Paste the four files here. Or right-click on your desktop's Filmora9 icon and click "Open File Location" and paste all the files and click the "Edit File" button.

Direct Download Here

Final verdict

Many video editing programs claim to offer professional results. Filmora9 is one of the user-level tools that actually provides.